What is necessary to start a Commons Cargobike?

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For the start of a Commons Cargobike, high financial or human resources are not exactly necessary. Depending on the project requirements, the following is sufficient::

flyer or sticker, if necessary)

  • a booking system - ideally an online booking system, but at least one paper calendar at the station
  • a person responsible for the maintenance of the cargobike

First of all, it is important to have a vision and supporter of the initiative – as the nucleus of the Commons Cargobike, so to speak. Tips on who can be a contender for your vision can be found in the chapter “Who can be a cooperation partner?”.

A good example of a project start with minimal equipment is Heinrich der Lastenlöwe from Braunschweig: With a name (Heinrich der Lastenlöwe) and a Wordpress webseite it started, in a second step it looked for financial and personnel support via the press and found it.

Basically, it will help you if you solve problems that arise the day after tomorrow. You can start right now - many problems will solve themselves and if not, you will find a solution.

Tip: Register with your initiative in our WIKI, especially if you don't have a logo, cargo bike or website yet - maybe you'll find some fellows. See instructions: Enter initiative.


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