What do suitable stations look like?

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This page is a translated version of the page Was sind geeignete Stationen? and the translation is 100% complete.

Stations are an important building block in the project. The stations are suitable for cafés, shops that have their own transport purposes, such as retail stores, building and beverage markets or wine shops, offices, social facilities, private individuals, etc. Since they either benefit directly from renting a bicycle (e. g. cafés can attract new customers) or simply want to rent a bicycle for a certain period of time, station acquisition is not that difficult.

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In the first few weeks KASIMIR has caused so much attention in Cologne that suppliers of new stations have contacted themselves and we therefore only had to search occasionally for stations.

Arguments to win a station for the project could be:

  • acquire new customers
  • meet new people
  • Occasion to communicate
  • Possibility to promote your own organisation
  • Use the attention and community of the cargo bike project

We consider the following location factors to be of central importance when selecting a station:

  • Centrally located in the target area, so that users do not have to travel long
  • distances to pick up their items
  • Visibility of cargo bike parking lots
  • Opening hours
  • Temporal resources
  • Size of the team and good knowledge management
  • Target group overlap
  • Service orientation
  • Motivation and self-interest (never persuade anyone to participate)


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