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However, e-cargobikes make the rental process a bit more complicated, as it is always necessary to make sure that someone charges the battery, returns the charger and, if necessary, the sometimes existing battery key. The instruction of the users is also more complex, because not all equipment is self-explanatory. In addition, the maintenance effort is more complex due to the large number of special parts and the purchase price is higher, which also increases the cost of insurance. With three-wheel cargobikes, the 25 km/h is generally too fast for inexperienced users*, which can lead to accidents during evasion or in unfavourable turns. However, it is unlikely to find a model where the maximum speed can be adjusted to e. g. 18-20 km/h - standard is 25 km/h. When buying a new e-bike, you should pay attention to the CE marking, which is mandatory for all pedelec sales in the EU.