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Single-lane or multi-lane?

This question is often an emotional debate on principles. The steering and driving characteristics of single and multi-trackers differ considerably. Single-track cargobikes are narrower, more manoeuvrable and faster. Multi-track cargobikes have more loading capacity and require a more leisurely driving style (especially without load). On level roadways and in stationary conditions, there is no need to balance the load in multi-track vehicles. However, there are also differences in steering and driving characteristics between the single-trackers between Long Johns (extended wheelbase and deep loading area at the front), Short Johns (loading area above the front wheel) and Longtails (extended wheelbase and load at the rear). The multitrack models have three-wheel front loaders with different steering systems (twist-and-turn turntable steering, tilt technology, rear-wheel steering) and three- or four-wheel rear loaders, each with different steering and driving characteristics.