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or a successful crowdfunding campaign, a small video must first be created in which it is briefly and succinctly told why the project is important, who the founders are and what happens with the money collected. We from Ella were able to win a small agency in Erfurt for the shooting of the film. We approached them openly and asked them if they wanted to sponsor the project. This makes our crowdfunding film look very professional, which in our experience gives potential donors the good feeling of giving their money for a serious project. Important in the crowdfunding campaign are also the so-called "thank you" gifts, i. e. everyone who donates something gets a "thank you" for it. The amount of the donated money is allocated to fixed gifts. Here it is important to become creative. For example, we were able to purchase a bicycle tour with the Ella team. It is also worthwhile to contact local cafés and shops and ask them if they offer coffee vouchers, for example. In our experience, almost no one says no, because it is also a good advertisement for the participating locations.