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Through donations

A donation is a voluntary expenditure for which no consideration is expected. The tax office does not care about the designation: if a "donation" is expected emphatically and is made by the majority of users, it is suspected that it is a hidden payment for the use of the cargobike. The "donated" amount would then be recorded as income in the commercial business operations of a non-profit association and would not be recorded in the non-material area, where membership fees and "real" donations belong. The delimitation can be difficult in individual cases. Any reference to a certain appropriate amount is harmful. Conversely,"real" donations must not be used to cover the deficit of economic business operations, which may also include the rental of cargo bikes. It is allowed that a profit making part of a larger business operation will absorb the deficit of another part. In the non-profit association this is even duty: The association may make profits, but no losses, because they would be compensated by membership fees or donations. This is inadmissible and jeopardizes the non-profit status. Recording as "Donation User X" is also problematic. Small donations (rings, donation boxes) are not normally registered individually. Otherwise, the suspicion of a consideration is obvious.