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From Forum Freie Lastenräder

Stations in public space have been successfully used in Freiburg for two years now. The rental is carried out without personal participation. It is sufficient to use good combination locks (contec U-locks, chains with disc locks) which cannot be destroyed by a bolt cutter. It is important that the users are always informed of a correct closure (at the frame and at a fixed object). When selecting public places, it is important to ensure that they are really public places. Often, however, some private space is hidden in supposedly freely accessible bicycle parking lots. The combinations of the locks must be communicated to the users in advance, e. g. by e-mail. It is also necessary to change them regularly. The combination with an automatic on-board computer solution, which opens an electronic lock only for users (used by TINK) who have just reserved, prevents the use without reservation despite knowledge of the combination of combination locks from previous bookings.