How do you address the people who are supposed to use a free cargobike?

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This page is a translated version of the page Wie spricht man die Menschen an, die ein Freies Lastenrad nutzen sollen? and the translation is 88% complete.

We recommend to start with a small marketing kit: logo, photos of the cargo bike, Facebook fanpage and ideally a project website, flyer or sticker. Important for you: Where are the people who are interested in the free cargobike? Find partners you can use as multipliers. Then we can start!


Wichtigste Inhalte eines Flyers: Main contents of a flyer:

  • nice photo of the bike
  • Text:"Is free & simple" o. Describe simplistic posting, if necessary

Internet address of the booking system

  • The flyer of Frieda & Friedrich in DIN-A6 format can serve as inspiration: pdf.
  • Nice also the postcard from Hanover file:
    Hannah postkarte2.pdf

Another example is the flyer of KASIMIR:


In addition to the Website for all the more static information and the booking tool, many free bikes have a Facebook fanpage. The fanpage allows you to build up a community of users and fans - they can be contacted directly and receive feedback relatively quickly. The Facebook fanpage is quick to set up, but you should post something regularly, which means continuous work.

Here we have collected some ideas for postings and stories:

  • Communicate news about the project
  • Introducing users of the cargobike
  • Ideally introduce stations with people, especially announce new stations
  • Show possibilities of use, especially unusual such as transports for removals or band tours (e. g. or how to convert into wedding carriages
  • Invite you to events, e. g. to rides on the star or critical masses, and to inform you about activities around the free cargobike
  • Call for financial or personal support
  • Sharing and discussing external content, e. g. thematically relevant media articles, topics related to sustainable mobility with cargo bikes


Eine grafische Darstellung des Buchungsablaufs vereinfacht es den Nutzern, den Ablauf zu verstehen. Die hier dargestellten Icons dürfen unter Nennung der Lizenz kostenfrei verwendet werden. Sie wurden von Anna Hagmann für das Projekt Heinerbike erschaffen. Lizenz: CC BY-NC-ND Anna Hagmann



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