What is a Commons Cargobike?

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Free of charge, grassroots, shared, accessible to all, sustainable part of the transport transition: these are the Commons Cargobikes. Thanks to the ingenious rental principle, a strong network, this knowledge platform and open source booking software, the concept has been spreading throughout Europe since 2013.

A cargobike is a common property and can be used free of charge

Commons Cargobieks are based on the idea of public goods or commons (Mertz, 2015). Therefore, users do not have to pay any rental fees, but they are invited to contribute to the project, e.g. in the form of voluntary commitments or a donation to repair and maintain the rental system. Commons Cargobikes prove that cargobikes are not only a practical alternative to cars, but can also promote networking within the city districts as a public asset.

A Commons Cargobike is available for everyone

A Commons Cargobike does not require formal membership in an organization. This makes it available to all interested parties and does not exclude anyone.

A Commons Cargobike is simple

The public communication of Commons Cargobikes is clear and easy to understand. They use modern communication and information technologies for distribution. The sophisticated booking and rental systems are designed to be user-friendly.

Stations as multiplicators* in the quarter

The lending process is organised by most operators in cooperation with stations. These are typically shops, neighbourhood centres, cafés or offices with fixed loan periods, which personally hand over the cargobike to the users. In order to spread the idea and ensure that the bikes are present in as many quarters as possible and that as many environments as possible are available, the cargobikes change stations regularly.

A Commons Cargobike comes from the grassroot

Most of the free CSPs have been set up by local actors (individuals, organisations, alliances, companies) and are also run by them. Many initiatives have financed the purchase of the cargobikes by means of foundations and crowdfunding. Some of the fre CSPs, on the other hand, are operated wholly or partly by municipalities and town councils.

A Commons Cargobike is part of the transport transition

Initiators and operators of Commons Cargobikes want to use their actions to bring about a local reimagining in their city or region towards sustainable mobility. The free CSP is intended to act as a multiplier and encourage third parties to use or purchase cargobikes, e.g. as community cargobikes. Congested roads, noise, exhaust fumes - cars are becoming an increasing problem, especially in large cities. Environmentally friendly alternatives must be found that take into account the "new desire to share".


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