Excursus: Maintenance of the cargobike

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This page is a translated version of the page Exkurs: Wartung des Lastenrads and the translation is 100% complete.

Regular maintenance of the cargobike is extremely important. The tyre pressure should be checked regularly and before each rental. For this purpose, all stations should be equipped with stationary air pumps with pressure gauges. In addition, it is good to have the cargobike serviced every four to six weeks (two days can be scheduled for this). In addition, the cargobike should be serviced at least once a year. Good maintenance can prevent major repairs.

It would be great if open workshops or private individuals could find themselves able to cover the costs of maintenance. This also applies to repairs, where larger repairs can be carried out by bicycle shops, the costs of which are then covered by insurance.

In the case of e-cargobikes, it is advantageous if the bike was purchased directly from the local bicycle shop or if dealers are on site who are familiar with the relevant engine and gear change technology, as problems with the electrical system cannot be solved easily by themselves.

Further discussion is needed during the loan process. It has not yet been possible to find a good solution for this. Users often carry out smaller repairs (e. g. for a plate) themselves. If this is not the case, for example, cooperation with a mobile bicycle service can be considered, whose telephone number would have to be attached to the bicycle.


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