How are stations coordinated?

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This page is a translated version of the page Wie werden Stationen koordiniert? and the translation is 100% complete.

In order to coordinate the stations well, it makes sense to create a chronological list (Excel) with all necessary information, e. g. address, contact persons*, opening hours, contact details.

The station must always be equipped with sufficient (information) material:

  • terms of use
  • lending conditions
  • loan note
  • return form
  • advertising leaflet
  • donation box
  • code list
  • At KASIMIR we have had good experiences with the so-called "KASI-Kiste" gemacht. It is a

wodden box with all nececcary information for the station

It must be clarified who drives the cargobike from A to B and when to change stations. Hannah's team has found that it is convenient to have a transfer appointment for all stations. To make the work easier, the team wrote to the Initiative Hannah fans and successfully asked for support in changing stations and looking after them.

The duration of accommodation can vary. For example, Hannah and KASIMIR changed stations every two to three weeks at the start of the project. In the meantime, an interval of two to three months has evened out in both projects.

The stations should have a permanent contact person from the team of cargo bikes who can be contacted by telephone in case of problems and questions.


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