How can and should it grow?

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This page is a translated version of the page Wie kann es und soll es wachsen? and the translation is 100% complete.

Depending on your motivation, you should decide whether you want to expand the project at all. If this is the case, the question arises, depending on the project goal, in which form this is to be done.

Should the free CSP be promotion for cargobikes?

If you want to gain attention for the cargobike and its possible applications, then a single free cargobike can be sufficient.

More important than the expansion of the fleet is then an effective public relations work with good texts, attractive photos and presence at events. The free CSP then acts as an initial spark for the increased purchase and promotion of cargobikes. The integration of cargo bikes into existing public bicycle rental systems (such as StadtRAD in Hamburg in 2019) can also be a goal.

Should the free CSP become a relevant mobility offer?

If you want to create a relevant mobility offer in your city, then a growth of the fleet makes sense. If you have several cargobikes and several stations, the distances are shortened for the users on the one hand and on the other hand it allows more users* to access a cargobike.

In order to be truly effective, it is of course necessary to have greater financial resources and a relevant number of cargobikes. A successful example of successful fleet growth is the Hannah free cargobike in Hanover. Thanks to municipal support, 18 Hannahs are now working at full capacity.


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