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<h1>Commons cargo bikes</h1>
<h1>Commons Cargobikes</h1>
<h2>Donation-based cargobike sharing for sustainable cities</h2>
<h2>Donation-based cargobike sharing for sustainable cities</h2>

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Commons Cargobikes

Donation-based cargobike sharing for sustainable cities

Person auf Cargo bike

Commons Cargobike Sharing

Our commons-based sharing-model, used in more than 90 cities!

More about commons cargobikes


Our Open-Source booking software

More about CommonsBooking


Everything you need to start your own initiative

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Forum freie Lastenräder 2020

Join us!

We are a diverse network of currently 136 initiatives. Let's improve mobility in the city — together!


Forum Freie Lastenräder 2021 in Münster Westfalen (26.2. - 28.02.2021) Forum Freie Lastenräder 2020 in Hildesheim (28.2. - 01.03.2020)
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