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Note: This WIKI is mostly in german only right now. Please contact Florian ( @ wielebenwir .de) if you have any questions.

We are 70+ grass-roots initiatives providing more than 130 bikes to the community for free. Join us and let us improve mobility in the city — together!

What is a „commons cargobike“?

  1. is provided to society based on voluntary donations.
  2. is a „common good“: to be shared with the community instead of individually owned.
  3. is advocating for a change in urban transportation, and stands for sustainable mobility.
  4. promotes neighborhood cooperation: Cafés, private citizens and social facilities are involved and act as pickup locations.

What´s the "Forum Freie Lastenräder" (Union of commons cargobike initiatives)

Forum Freie Lastenräder („Union of Commons Cargobike initiatives“) is the alliance of more than 70 local cargo bikesharing initiatives in Germany, Austria and Hungary. With more than 130 bikes and more than 10,000 registered users, the „FFL“ is an important part of the bottom-up-mobility transition. We provide a yearly conference, an online knowledge base as well as a custom-built, open-source booking software.

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