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Forum Freie Lastenräder 2023 in Buchholz (NNordheide), Germany, 24.-26.2 2023

"Buchholz fährt Rad e.V." is coordially inviting you to Buchholz, Germany for the Commons Cargobike Conference 2023, 24.-26. February 2023. We are looking forward to seeing you and constructive exchange to push the idea and concept of Commons Cargobikes even further!

Registration and Program at (in German language)

Streaming/online conference

You cannot make it to Buchholz? Parts of the program and a session in english will be streamed!

Sunday, 25.2.

14:30 Participate in the Sessions with Microsoft Teams

Sunday, 25.2.


The Commons Cargobike Conference is financially supported by anstiftung as a co-host and the City of Buchholz as supporter. Thank you!

Logos Anstiftung, Stadt Buchholz
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