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(Die Seite wurde neu angelegt: „==== Find GeoCoordinates ====“)
(Die Seite wurde neu angelegt: „Use this Service for example: http://www.latlong.net/“)
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==== Find GeoCoordinates ====
==== Find GeoCoordinates ====
Nutze etwa folgenden Service: http://www.latlong.net/
Use this Service for example: http://www.latlong.net/
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[[Kategorie:Handbuch]] [[Kategorie:WIKI-Bearbeitung]] [[Kategorie:FAQ]]

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You want to add your initiative? Great!

New initiatives

Register yourself for the website and start. Please have a look on a existing site, e.g. KASIMIR – Dein Lastenrad

Build a page

  1. Copy this link in your browser and replace the name of your initiative
    http://dein-lastenrad.de/index.php?title=Name of your initiative
  2. Click "Create page"
  3. Copy & paste the infobox an fill in your data
  4. Add more information about your project

Template for the infobox

Copy this infobox into your page

  1. Go to Vorlage:Initiative
  2. Copy the grey box
  3. Copy the grey box to your page
  4. Fill up the fields
  5. If you don't have logo yet. Keep the field empty.


|Stadt=Deine Stadt
|Träger=dein Verein e.V.
|GeoCords=50° 56' 28.8852'' N  6° 57' 29.9052'' E
|Anzahl Räder=5
|Social Media=https://www.facebook.com/deine_initiative/, https://twitter.com/lastenrad

... (your content)...

Find GeoCoordinates

Use this Service for example: http://www.latlong.net/