Handover: Personal or automated?

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The personal handover of the cargobike to stations has the following advantages and disadvantages:

+ The users can then ask questions, for example.
+ The station comes into contact with people or potential customers.
+ The team at the station looks after the cargobike.
- A time expenditure for the team of the station arises.
- The rental of the cargo bike is linked to the station's opening hours.

Hannahs are always handed over in person and can only be booked on a daily basis. This restricts the number of potential users - and also because of the high demand, it is often difficult to book a Hannah at short notice. Hannah is not a service for everyday mobility, but an offer to try out. The personal loan is a sympathy bonus, which is beautiful and fun. In addition, the team of the respective station assumes responsibility for their Hannah and uses them to some extent themselves - so they become wonderful multipliers.

When starting a new station, we have learned that it is very important to instruct the team at the station - the staff who will be taking care of the bike - correctly. Ideally, you will be present at a team meeting of the station and have the opportunity to clarify the lending process and answer questions from the team. Borrowing a bicycle is often an additional workload for the employees, which they may also be sceptical about, so that a direct communication of this activity helps to dispel prejudices and ensure a smooth start of the new station.

We see the following advantages and disadvantages in automated handover:

+ The lending goes fast, because there is no interpersonal contact.
+ The cargobike can be borrowed at any time, independent of opening hours.
- The lending is anonymous and no questions can be asked.

The automated transfer is used, for example, by the LastenVelo Freiburg . The commercial offer Donke-ee from Cologne has combined the automated handover with the personal one. The cargobikes are located at the stations and can be borrowed and returned there automatically at any time. If you have any questions, however, contact persons* will be on site during the station's opening hours.


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