How can responsibilities be defined in the project?

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When it comes to the question of responsibilities, the main concern is a meaningful division of tasks, which reduces the workload. The question arises: how is the responsibility shared between the initiative, the stations and the cooperation partners as well as the users?

  • Who is the contact person for the users and the stations in case of damages etc.
  • Who is the contact person for cooperation partners who want to bring their own cargobikes into the project?
  • Who maintains the cargo bike?
  • Who is responsible for the administration of the webseite and the booking platform?
  • Who is responsible for communication and social media?
  • Who, if necessary, organizes the change of stations and is the contact person for the stations?
  • Who bears the legal responsibility for which cargobike initiative?
  • Who can users contact if they have questions about booking, borrowing and damage?

We find it practical if the responsibility for the cargo bikes falls onto the cooperating partners themselves.


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