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Sophia Becker & Florian Egermann, "Die Verkehrswende selber machen.", re:publica 2018

Florian Egermann, "Commons Cargobikes: Donation-based cargo bike sharing for sustainable cities", Cycling & Society 2021

Press Material Forum Freie Lastenräder/Commons Cargobikes


Rollup (2017)

Rollup with stickers

  • Verbleib unklar, bitte meldet euch bei den Sprechenden wenn ihr es habt!
  • Gespendet vom ADFC Bundesverband. Vielen Dank!

Rollup (2021)

Rollup (2021) with stickers

  • Woody Display, height: circa 200 cm, Width: circa 100 cm
  • Where is it? Please add
  • Donated by Michael Hüllenkrämer, thanks a lot!

Material Flyer

Templates and Forms

find templates and forms here: Material

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