Commons Cargobike Conference ("Forum Freie Lastenräder") 2021

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Forum Freie Lastenräder in Münster (Westfalen, Germany)

FFL 2020

This year, Münster is inviting you to join us on 27.02.2021 for a small online version of the Commons Cargobike Conference.

The majority of the conference will be in german, but we will have at least one english session on 27. February, 12:40 (CET). If you want to join the session, please contact Florian Egermann

The conference/meetup was planned for February 2021, but due to Corona we had to move it to the summer. We are looking forward to see new and old cargo bike-enthusiasts. Impressions from last year's conference: Impressionen des FFL 2020 in Hildesheim

Informationen zur Veranstaltung, wie Programm, Anmeldung und Plattform, werden hier veröffentlicht und natürlich über die Mailingliste versendet.

Our first online Commons Cargobike Conference will happen in two parts: First, presentations (you are invited to ask questions in the chat), and virtual meetups for different topics in the second part.

Vorläufiges Programm:

9:40 Uhr Boarding

10:00 Uhr Begrüßung durch das Team LASSE Münster

10:30 Uhr Keynote - Katja Diehl

11:10 Uhr Input-Session, Fragen per Chat (Moderation: Team LASSE Münster, Protokoll: ?)


12:40 Uhr direkter Austausch an virtuellen Thementischen über eine Plattform

  • Thementisch 1: CommonsBooking 2.0 - CommonsBooking-Team (Protokoll: ?)
  • Thementisch 2: Starthilfe für neue Inititiative - Ansprechperson? (Protokoll: ?)
  • Thementisch 3: ... Thema ? ... - Ansprechperson? (Protokoll: ?)
  • Thementisch 4: ... Thema ? ... - Ansprechperson? (Protokoll: ?)

14:00 Uhr Zusammenfassung und Verabschiedung durch das Team LASSE Münster

Afterwards, there will be space for open exhange.

In the input sessions, we want to hear from 4 initiatives about their current developments; if you are interessted in showing a 10-minute presentation, please write to SprecherInnen -at-

The virtual thematic discussions will include "starting your initiative" and our sharing software "CommonsBooking". If you have additional ideas/recommendations, please write to SprecherInnen -at-

(Only relevant for german-speaking guests) Do you want to support us by taking notes to be published on this WIKI? Write to SprecherInnen -at-

We are excited to hear from you and meet you digitally!

The team of LASSE from Münster and the speakers of the Commons Cargobikes/ Forum Freie Lastenräder

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