FFL Workshop: Cargo bike sharing experiences - International Cargo Bike Festival 2018

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Collected materials and contacts from our Workshop at ICBF 2018, please add your own.

Cargo bike sharing experiences workshop ICBF 2018.jpg


  • Hannes Wöhrle, Florian Egermann wielebenwir e.V./ KASIMIR – Dein Lastenrad, Cologne, Germany
  • Jason Borensztajn, Jelle Maijer cargoroo, Netherlands
  • Konrad Berge Lastenradkollektiv, Vienna, Austria
  • Logan Strenchock, … Cargonomia, Budapest, Hungary
  • Marco Walter, TINK, Konstanz/Norderstedt, Germany
  • Oliver van Meerendonk, Industrie Designer
  • Ralph Woessner, Ole … Karla, Hamburg, Germany
  • Thomas Büermann, ... fLotte Berlin, Germany
  • Tom Parr, Ripple bike, Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Charging systems ( if you don´t have a station )
  • Rental model(s) (Stations, free-floating, …)
  • Giving out bikes without instructions
  • Managing the maintenance (Repairs, etc)
  • Costs & finances & profit


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