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Conference Theme

Evolution of Cycling

Sub Theme

Sharing Societies

The idea of sharing keeps expanding.

The concept of sharing vehicles has evolved. People begin to share public transport and then automobiles, followed by bicycles, to conserve the environment and reduce transportation costs. In terms of usage, the concept has morphed from individual ownership to shared vehicles; in terms of right of way, from car-oriented to green transport oriented. Sharing has become a way of establishing sustainable mobility systems.

How does bike-sharing affect people’s idea of vehicles and roads? How should policies address such shared benefits? What are other innovations of sharing?



  • Your Cargo Bike
  • Free Nomadic Cargo Bikes
  • Free Nomadic Cargo Bikes in Germany and Austria
  • Free Nomadic Cargo Bikes – a new way of shared mobility

Authors (presenter to be indicated)

  • Hölzle, Albert

Affiliation (institution, city and country)

  • VeloCityRuhr c/o Initiative für Nachhaltigkeit e.V., Essen, Germany

Abstract (300 words; theme, idea, experience, anecdote, and results)

The cargo bike is almost as old as the bicycle. But even more than the bicycle it has been replaced by the automobile in a lot of cities around the globe. But cargo bikes are again on the rise. Amongst differnt developments there is one recent phenomenon in Germany and Austria: free nomadic cargo bikes. It started with a single cargo bike in the streets of Cologne, Germany: "KASIMIR – your cargo bike", established by the non-profit association wielebenwir e.V. in 2013. Alike KASIMIR, today, there are a few tens of initiatives in Germany and Austria that (plan to) offer one or more cargo bikes as common goods. These cargo bikes are free to borrow at changing pickup-locations throughout a city or region, demonstrating an alternative method of transportation in the spirit of commons. Cars are in average being used 1 hour a day. Any production planner would be kicked out if they suggested to buy a new machine that would not be used for 23 hours per day. Hence, one does not need to own a car or a cargo bike for that matter.

Justification (50 words; regarding the theme/sub theme)


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