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At KASIMIR we have had good experiences with the so-called KASI crate. This is a rental box with all the information for rental station. The KasiKiste is a small wooden box with all necessary documents for the rental station. It is therefore always located where the cargobike is currently being lent. So if the cargobike moves after a certain time from one rental station to the next, the KasiKiste is also moving with it. Their content is designed in such a way that different people (the entire staff of a café) can lend as easily as possible. It has the following content:

KASI Kiste 3.jpg

  • Donation box > lockable; not too large
  • Terms of use ideally laminated
  • FAQs for stations (laminated)
  • loan note
  • Flyer for borrowers
  • bicycle keys
  • Notepad and pen for notes, e. g. on agreements regarding the return of goods
  • Business cards or similar with the most important telephone numbers
  • Buchungscodes
  • Liste mit wichtigen Nummern in den Deckel der Box kleben und aufs Fahrrad

Skizze der Ausleihbox als PDF: AusleihboxSkizze.pdf

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