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==== Find GeoCoordinates ====
==== Find GeoCoordinates ====
Use this Service for example: http://www.latlong.net/
Use this service for example: http://www.latlong.net/
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[[Kategorie:Handbuch]] [[Kategorie:WIKI-Bearbeitung]] [[Kategorie:FAQ]]

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You want to add your initiative? Great!

New initiatives

Register yourself for the website and start. Please have a look at an existing site, e.g. KASIMIR – Dein Lastenrad

Create a page

  1. Copy this link into the address bar of your browser and replace the name of your initiative
    http://dein-lastenrad.de/index.php?title=Name of your initiative
  2. Click "Create page"
  3. Copy & paste the infobox and fill in your data (you need to be logged in and click on the edit button on top of the page)
  4. Add more information about your project

Template for the infobox

Copy this infobox into your page.

  1. Go to Vorlage:Initiative
  2. Copy the grey box
  3. Copy the grey box to your page
  4. Fill in the fields
  5. If you don't have a logo yet, leave the field empty.


|Town=your town
|Provider=your club e.V.
|GeoCords=50° 56' 28.8852'' N  6° 57' 29.9052'' E
|Number of bikes=5
|Social Media=https://www.facebook.com/your_initiative/, https://twitter.com/your-initiative

... (my content)...

Find GeoCoordinates

Use this service for example: http://www.latlong.net/