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From Forum Freie Lastenräder
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We are using the Translate Extension, here is an overview.

Change site language

  • Click on the user icon (top right)
  • In the dropdown-menu click the language
  • Choose your language

Translate pages

  • You must be registered and logged in.
  • Pages must be marked for translation.
  • A list of pages ready for translation: Spezial:Übersetzung_von_Seiten
  • Click on "Translate this page" below the headline
  • The translation interface opens
  • Click the pen next to a translation block
  • Enter your translation and click "Save translation"

Translate Links

Example: Link to page Freie Lastenräder

Original Link

[[Freie Lastenräder]]

Link to english Version

[[Freie Lastenräder/en]]

Admins: Prepare pages for translation

  • Pages must be marked for translation, translation-blocks marked, translated and approved.
  • You must be registered, logged in and have the necessary rights – talk to Florian ( Benutzer:Fleg )
  • Follow the instructions on this page

Mark translations

< translate > 
== My headline ==
Lorem ipsum 
< /translate >

Add language chooser

Include on top of the page:

<languages />

Translate menu entries