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Settings: Bookings Template Tags

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Bookings Template Tags

Die folgenden Template-Tags können in Nachrichten und E-Mails benutzt werden. Usage:

Hello {{FIRST_NAME}}, thanks for booking item {{ITEM_NAME}}.

A full Example: Confirmation email example See also Registration Mail Template Tags


{{DATE_START}} - Pickup Date 
{{DATE_END}} - Return Date 


{{ITEM_NAME}} - Name of the booked Item 
{{ITEM_THUMB}} - Thumbnail of the booked Item 
{{ITEM_CONTENT}} - The short description of the item 


{{LOCATION_NAME}} - Name of the location 
{{LOCATION_CONTENT}} - The short description of the location 
{{LOCATION_ADRESS}} - The adress  
{{LOCATION_THUMB}} - Thumbnail of the Location 
{{LOCATION_CONTACT}} - Contact information 


{{FIRST_NAME}} - First name of user 
{{LAST_NAME}} - Last name of user 
{{USER_EMAIL}} - User email 
{{USER_ADDRESS}} - Address  
{{USER_PHONE}} - Phone number 


{{CODE}} - The booking code. 


{{SITE_EMAIL}} - The email address the confirmation email will be sent from.