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Sharing initiatives digital tools meet up

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First meet up, spring 2018 in Berlin


Many sharing initiatives have similar needs for digital tools: flexible open-source booking and management solutions. And these solution should "talk" a common language to enable a network of sharing initiatives. We will continue our discussion from earlier this year about how to cooperate in (software) development of the individual platforms and a common API. This meeting will take place immediately after the Forum Freie Lastenräder 2018, the annual conference of commons cargo bike sharing initiatives.

Please join us if

  • You run or planning to run a non-profit sharing initiative (e.g. for bikes, everyday items, … ).
  • You are a developer interested in joining open-source projects that promote and enable sharing.

Contact: florian @ wielebenwir . de



Hidden Institute Weigandufer 28, Hinterhaus 12059 Berlin

First meeting results

Participating projects (so far)